Helen's Log, Day 2, Part 2


In the peace gained from the sounding of the Grounder battle horn, I tended as well as I could, first to my own wounds and then to Sokolov’s grievous injuries and Ash’s battle wounds. Dr. Stardust was most helpful in this endeavor: together, we made rather an effective triage.

As we were healing our comrades, we could hear the sounds of battle start anew. A group of Grounders had come upon the house in which we taken refuge, and were fighting off the remaining mutant creatures. One by one, Ash, Lincoln, the now-conscious Sokolov, and Dr. Stardust left the room to join the fray. I had no choice but to follow into the street, to see what aid I could render. Lincoln was there, alongside a group of Grounder children (the others must have been upstairs). I could see quite a flurry of activity among the combatants, but what caught my eye was a young girl, not much older than 10. I silently cursed the Grounder society, for allowing such an innocent to be involved in bloodsport, and walked up to her to see if she was all right. I could see that she was wounded, but all of my attempts to find out if she were okay fell on deaf ears. To my surprise, she took my arm and led me back into the house!

Once inside, the rest of the party seemed to be in a confused state, not knowing whether to climb or descend the stairs. An older Grounder girl—Cho I think was her name—was very badly wounded, even worse than little Nika. As I was about to bandage her, Ash came downstairs, bellowing about killing any Grounders who came into the house. There were a tense few moments (Even Professor Sokolov moved to the defense of wounded Cho!), until Ash agreed to wait outside while Dr. Stardust and I healed our new allies. And allies they were, as they had valiantly fought off the mutants.



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