Helen's log

First thing in the morning, we ventured north to the air field, to find light aluminum scrap, both for Professor Sokolov’s prosthesis and to make improvements to the structures at York. Winter was coming, and we were NOT yet prepared.

By the time we could just see the control tower above the trees, we came to a bridge. Well, it was once a sturdy bridge, but it was full of gaps, patched by questionable planks of wood. Ayden and Dr. Nero crossed first; and even though she admonished him to follow directly in her path, it was lucky he was following so closely, because he was able to grab her arm when she stepped through a rotten plank. After that, we all managed to cross safely. We found the air field abandoned. It took a full day of reconnaissance and labor, but we discovered a dilapidated airplane, a storage shed full of useful tools, and a safe in the old control tower, which contained a depleted Omniband.

Sokolov constructed a wagon out of sheets of aluminum, large enough to haul both an enormous pile of usable scrap, plus all of the tools from the shed. The wagon functioned nicely, only giving us trouble when we had to cross back over the rotting bridge. I believe it was Sokolov who had the idea of placing sheets of aluminum over the wood, supported at the edges by the original concrete structure. We were able to lay down a few sheets, pull the wagon across, then pile the sheets back inside. We were all exhausted by the end of the day, when we gratefully set up a camp.

The embers of the fire were just beginning to die down, when we were jolted awake by the howling of wolves. We took up defensive positions, as we heard the howls multiply and gain in volume. I placed myself between the wagon and the campfire, with my spear at the ready; my position was soon crowded by Prof. Sokolov and Dr. Nero. in the confusion that followed, someone was able to start a brush fire in one of the gaps between trees; I heard Ayden’s triumphant cry as (I assume) she felled one of the beasts. Suddenly, our trio by the wagon was beset by wolves. And I can only very loosely call them wolves. These beasts seemed more dead than alive, and reeked of carrion. I felt the hot saliva as one bit into my arm. I screamed in pain, but managed to fend it off with my spear. Before long, all of the wolves were dead, and we did our best to patch our wounds. I could feel that my own bite wound contained bacteria, or venom (who knows how much these beast may have mutated?), and I hadn’t been able to clean it all out

We decided to travel back to York that night, without stopping to rest. Our cargo was too precious to risk. As soon as we returned, we collapsed into slumber. The next morning, Ayden informed us that she must return to Saris, to meet the rest of her crew. Before she left, she pulled me aside to discuss my bite wound. She had seen the effect of these bites before, and described some of the symptoms. I was a bit horrified, but I think I might see how it affects me before I seek treatment from a Trikru healer. We had decided to journey back to Saris in a few days’ time, so I vowed to consult with Tomas at that time.

But before we leave, we will have to make plans for York. We decided that the first step should be to rebuild the water wheel into an electrical generator, so all of the homes and buildings may be heated for the winter. While we travel back to Saris, en route to ‘Arrisbur’ to see Dr. Kroll again, we will mobilize the townspeople to begin construction under Prof. Sokolov’s guidance. He elected to stay behind, both the oversee the construction of a hydroelectric plant as well as his prosthetic arm.



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