(NPC) Caidan

Race: Grounder / Age: 26 / Height: 5'11" / Hair: Black / Eyes: Blue



Agility d8 Smarts d6 Spirit d8 Strength d6 Vigor d6 [[File:461130 | class=media-item-align-right | 250×500px | 3ad0cb1986a450897a8d3cb3a8d14916.jpg]]

Basic Traits

A) Fighting d8 A) Stealth d6 A) Locks __
A) Shooting d8 A) Athletics d6+3
A) Throwing __ A) Riding __
Sp) Intimidation __ Sp) Persuasion __ Sp) Guts d6+1
Sm) Notice d4 Sm) Research __ Sm) Healing __

Earth Skills

Sm) Battle __ Sm) Biology __ Sm) Chemistry d6
Sm) Engineering __ Sm) Language __ Sm) Mechanics d6
Sm) New Tech __ Sm) Old Tech d4 Sm) Pre-War History __
Sm) Post-War Info __ Sm) Survival d4 Sm) Tracking d4


Major: Enemy
Minor: Big Mouth
Minor: Cautious


Race: Trikru
Background: Gonakru
Combat: Acrobat, Gladiator
General: Brawny
Leadership: __________________
Social: ____________________
Utility: ____________________

Basic Vitals

Pace: 6
Parry: 6 (+ 2 if unencumbered)
Toughness: 6 (+ 2 against mutated creatures)
Charisma: 0
Armor: 2/4
Tech Level: 1
Radiation Intolerance: 2
Encumbrance Base: 48
Encumbrance Max: 192


Caidan (age 14) was out hunting to gather food to prove himself to his tribe. Upon returning, he found that his entire tribe was gone. To his untrained eyes, there were no signs of a struggle and simply looked like everyone had up and left him. Caidan tried searching around, but his tribe was more isolated than most and so couldn’t go to another Grounder tribe for help. As he was but a naive boy at the time, he figured that the tribe would eventually come back if he just waited. Years passed and nothing. When Caidan was 24 years old, something happened. He does not remember much, but there was a big flash and he had the feeling of a large group of unknown people. This event gave him the motivation to finally move on and find more of his tribe.

Unfortunately, something occurred in the 10 years of isolation that Caidan himself was unaware of. To keep his sanity, he had started talking to himself. This went on without restraint for so long, that Caidan has lost his filter between thought and speech and so will generally say whatever is on his mind without even realizing it. Because of this and the fact Grounders are generally a closed-lip kind of people, he has been unable to find a grounder tribe to take him in and so has been bouncing from settlement to settlement trying to find his own place.

(NPC) Caidan

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