Dr. Nero Stardust

Race: Sky People / Age: 33 / Height: 5' 10" / Weight: 160 / Eyes: Blue / Hair: Silver / Scars: cuts on his hands / Tattoos: None


Agility: d6
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d8
Strength: d6
Vigor: d8

Basic Traits

A) Fighting: d8 A) Stealth __ A) Locks __
A) Shooting __ A) Athletics: d4
A) Throwing __ A) Riding __
Sp) Intimidation __ Sp) Persuasion __ Sp) Guts: d4+2
Sm) Notice: d6 Sm) Research: d4 Sm) Healing: d6+3

Earth Skills (Sm)

Battle __ Biology: d8 Chemistry __
Engineering __ Language __ Mechanics __
New Tech: d4 Old Tech __ Pre-War History __
Post-War Info __ Survival: d4+1 Tracking __


Major: Selfish
Minor: Outcast (-1 Charisma around Skaikru)
Minor: Stubborn


Race: Skaikru
Background: Well-learned (+ 1 Utility)
General: Spine of Steel (+ 2 Guts, + 2 Unshaken)
General: Nerves of Steel (Ignore 1 point of wound penalty)
Utility: Healer (+ 2<1> Healing self+others / Passive party healing) + Medkit

Basic Vitals

Pace: 6
Parry: 6 (7 w/ spear)
Toughness: 6 (7 w/ leather jacket)
Charisma: -1
Armor: +1(leather jacket)
Tech Level: 2
Radiation Intolerance: 1
Encumbrance Base: 30
Encumbrance Max: 120


Dr. Nero Stardust: Arker, infamous medical doctor, arrogant diagnostician and blade handler.

A top-notch surgeon from the Ark, Dr. Nero is also known for being disowned from the Ark’s medical community for performing a high risk operation on Denise Baltimore, former Council member from Pharma Station after the crash, which resulted in her death. Her husband, Denzel Baltimore has never forgiven him, and joined with Dr. Phil Phantom, a colleague from Pharma Station, to have Dr. Nero stripped of his medical license and banished from Pharma Station. Despite recognizing his brilliance in medicine, both Mr. Baltimore and Dr. Phantom find his bedside manor to be repugnant, the risks he takes on his patients to be unethical, and his failure to save Councilor Baltimore to be unforgivable.

His selfishness and tendency towards being stubborn have gained him notoriety as a know-it-all medical genius with an uncanny ability to diagnose and treat unknown illness/injury. Like many opinionated, intelligent assholes, he is often correct in his assessments and happy to let everyone know about it, even to the point of losing friends for sake of “being right” about something.

Despite his hindrances, his motivation for becoming a doctor stems from the sudden loss of his mother due to unknown illness. Growing up he always blamed the lackluster doctors for his mother’s death, and felt his father was a disappointment for being a pushover and not demanding more answers/effort for his mother’s health. So while he may be a prick, his passion is always to solve what others cannot and to question what others assume about biology and medicine.

Personal Item:
Survival knife + multi-tool. This weapon+tool has been modified to contain a range of blades, hooks, clamps, and tools useful for field surgery and close melee combat. Dr. Nero has some martial arts training to go with his knowledge of the body’s pain and pressure points.

Dr. Nero Stardust

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