(NPC) The Commander

Race: Grounder / Age: 22 / Height: 5'7" / Weight: 131 / Eyes: Green / Eyes: Brown / Scars: 41 Kill marks on back, various battle scars / Tattoo or Markings: Trikru tribal tattoo sleeve around right bicep



Agility d10 Smarts d10 Spirit d12 Strength d8 Vigor d10


Basic Traits

A) Fighting d10+2 A) Stealth __ A) Locks __
A) Shooting __ A) Athletics d6
A) Throwing d10+2 A) Riding d6
Sp) Intimidation d10+4 Sp) Persuasion d10+4 Sp) Guts d6+2
Sm) Notice d8 Sm) Research __ Sm) Healing __

Earth Skills

Sm) Battle d10+3 Sm) Biology __ Sm) Chemistry __
Sm) Engineering __ Sm) Language __ Sm) Mechanics __
Sm) New Tech __ Sm) Old Tech __ Sm) Pre-War History __
Sm) Post-War Info d8 Sm) Survival d6 Sm) Tracking d8


Major: Vow — Sworn protector of her people, a duty she will both die and kill for.
Minor: Vengeful — Blood must have blood.
Minor: Cautious — Known for her careful tactics in battle
Special: Major EnemyAzgedakwin Narin


Race: Trikru
Background: Groomed for Command, Noble — Obligation: The duty to her people comes first. She will sacrifice anything necessary to keep them safe…including herself.
Combat: Acrobat, Blade Fighter, Blade Master, Trademark Weapon, Legendary Trademark Weapon, Dead Shot, Level-Headed, Improved Level-Headed, Tough as Nails, Improved Tough as Nails, Weapon Master, Master of Arms
General: Hard to Kill, Harder to Kill, Nerves of Steel, Spine of Steel
Leadership: Command, Command Presence, Natural Leader, Fervor, Tactician, Hold the Line, Art of War, Inspire, Leader of Men, Followers, Sidekick
Social: Feared and Revered, Jus Drein Jus Daun, Attractive, Horrific Kill, Connections
Utility: Fast Healer

Basic Vitals

Pace: 6
Parry: 11
Toughness: 9 (15/15)
Armor: 6
Tech Level: 1
Radiation Intolerance: 2
Encumbrance Base: 40 lbs
Encumbrance Max: 160 lbs


Visionary. Ruthless. Noble. Warmonger. Savior. Tyrant. Peacemaker.

Each has been used to describe the Commander. Each holds some truth, as she is all of those things and more.

The Commander has spent several years forging the 12 clans dwelling in what was once the American Eastern Seaboard into a unified coalition known as the Alliance of the 12 Clans or Kongeda in their native tongue. Some of the clans joined willingly, others were pressed into it through war. A large part of her success in keeping the Kongeda together was in focusing the clans on fighting their largest common enemy, the Maunon, or Mountain Men, instead of fighting each other. In the last couple of years, the Kongeda had fought the Maunon to a draw, and had retreated just outside of the what appeared to be the Maunon’s direct borders.

When a new people crashed from the sky into one of her clan’s territory with weapons and technology similar to the Maunon, the Kongeda and the Commander initially took them as a similar threat. In time, however, the people the Kongeda came to call the Sky People, or Skaikru, were shown to also be enemies of the Maunon, and she brought them into the Kongeda as the 13th Clan. This expansion of their coalition drew the anger of several of the other clan leaders, especially since the Skaikru’s culture and fighting tactics were so much like those of the Maunon. Their foreign ways added to the fact that, even in the short amount of time since their arrival, the Skaikru’s leader, a girl the Trikru called Skaiprisa, had led her people to kill hundreds of them did nothing to ease the tension rising among the clans. The Skaiprisa was both feared and hated by many in the Kongeda, and the increasing frequency with which the Commander appeared to hold her counsel above those of the other leaders fueled the other clans’ fear and anger towards the Skaikru and their Commander for allying with them.

When Commander ended the war with the Maunon by retrieving the people of the Kongeda in the mountain in a cease-fire truce with the Maunon, but breaking her alliance with the Skaikru and leaving them to die, tensions among the clans strained further. Some were happy that they were no longer bound to the Skaikru, others felt breaking an alliance in favor of an agreement with their greater enemy was a stain on their Commander and their own honor. When the word that the Skaiprisa destroyed the mountain without them reached the Kongeda, the tension in the coalition finally began to rupture.

Now that the Maunon of Mount Weather have been slaughtered at the hands of the Skaikru, the Commander no longer has a common enemy to hold the Kongeda against…

…unless she turns them on their former ally.

(NPC) The Commander

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