Mountain Man Cache Raider/Explorer -- Race: Mountain Men/Age: 27/Height: 5' 7''/Weight: 160 lbs./Eyes: Blue/Hair: Heavily Greyed (originally brown)/Scars: various, but small


Agility d8 Smarts d6 Spirit d8 Strength d4 Vigor d6

Basic Traits

A) Fighting d6 A) Stealth A) Locks
A) Shooting d8 A) Athletics d4
A) Throwing __ A) Riding __
Sp) Intimidation __ Sp) Persuasion __ Sp) Guts d4
Sm) Notice d8 Sm) Research Sm) Healing __

Earth Skills

Sm) Battle __ Sm) Biology __ Sm) Chemistry
Sm) Engineering __ Sm) Language __ Sm) Mechanics d6
Sm) New Tech __ Sm) Old Tech Sm) Pre-War History __
Sm) Post-War Info __ Sm) Survival d4 Sm) Tracking __


Major: Curious
Minor: Vengeful
Minor: Weak Immune System


Race: Mountain Man
Combat: Extraction, Quick Hands, Elan
General: Fleet-Footed
Professional: McGyver
Utility: Apt Pupil (Shooting)

Basic Vitals

Pace: 8
Parry: 5
Toughness: 5
Charisma: 0
Armor: 6
Tech Level: 3
Radiation Intolerance: 3
Encumbrance Base: 20
Encumbrance Max: 80


Steyr Aug 9 Future Assault Rifle
range: 24/48/96, damage: 2d8+1 (AP 3), ROF: 3, auto, 3RB, clip: 60
laser sight (+1 Shooting at close range), scope (+2 Shooting at medium range or greater if you don’t move, +2 Notice rolls at distance), silencer

Survival Knife
range: n/a, damage: Str+1d4, +1 Survival rolls

Weatherman Encounter Suit
armor: +6, covers body, negates 4 AP from ballistic attacks, rebreather (2 hours of air, +2 Vigor rolls to resist gaseous toxins), low-light and night vision

Rope & Climbing Gear, Pry Bar, Metal Shears, Thermal Blanket, Cat’amount pelt and teeth

Sentimental Possessions
worn copy of the Federalist Papers and other books of the American Founding, hand crank electric generator, digital audio player.

XP: 10
#1: Fleet-Footed Edge
#2: Apt Pupil (Shooting) Edge


If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.
— Federalist #51

Lincoln is from Mt. Weather, where he served as a kind of explorer and cache raider. Think a combination of Lewis & Clark and Indiana Jones. He would go through ruins, do urban spelunking to find raw materials, trade for information, etc.

In their mountain fortress, Lincoln was raised on a steady diet of the writings of the American Founding, including the Federalist Papers, his namesake’s speeches, and so on. And, he was fascinated and enthralled by these ideas. Which made Mt. Weather’s pseudo-fascist pseudo-monarchy chafe more and more. If anyone should have understood and embraced these ideals it should have been Mt. Weather. Lincoln wasn’t all that quiet about his feelings, which made him unpopular, but still useful.

He came to find the Mountain Man society stagnant and misguided. So, the descent of the Arkers seemed like just like the kind of catalyst event to shake things up. Now that Mt. Weather is gone, he’s on his own, although right now that feels more like a fresh start.

I see Lincoln as a strange, but hopefully intriguing, mix of idealism and pragmatism. He’s lived decades in a harsh, violent, post-apocalyptic landscape. So, he is pragmatic, ruthless even. He won’t hesitate to put a bullet through someone’s skull if that’s what’s needed, and has no compunctions against ambushes, etc. On the other hand, he has a stubborn belief in the ideals of democracy, the ability of human beings to work together. Remember, he’s seen some of the great works of the past like the Pieta and Shakespeare, so he knows what we’re capable of. We just need to be able to forge a way to get there.

Appearance: light brown skin — his background is not entirely caucasian skin, although he’s also spent most of his time away from the sun. This, along with his greying hair, gives him a slightly unhealthy look — he’s weathered but not.


  • He doesn’t speak the Grounder patois. Indeed, he doesn’t even call them Grounders or use those labels. He thinks of Mountain Men as “Americans,” Grounders as “Cahokians,” Sky People as “Arkers,” and so on.
  • Lincoln knows the source of his treatment that allows him to survive radiation, and that an Arker was killed to do it. This, in and of itself, doesn’t bother him.
  • Lincoln does not know the origin of the Reavers. He probably assumes they are some product of old technology that has failed or mutants.
  • He has an idea that Mt. Weather was destroyed, he assumes by some coalition of Grounders and/or Arkers who got tempted or fed up with them. But, he has no details.