(NPC) Dr. Atticus Kroll

Arker / 72 / 5'10" / 165 lbs / Grey / White / No visible markings



Agility d6 Smarts d12 + 2 Spirit d12 Strength d4 Vigor d12


Basic Traits

A) Fighting __ A) Stealth __ A) Locks __
A) Shooting ? A) Athletics __
A) Throwing __ A) Riding __
Sp) Intimidation ? Sp) Persuasion ? Sp) Guts ?
Sm) Notice ? Sm) Research ? Sm) Healing ?

Earth Skills

Sm) Battle ? Sm) Biology ? Sm) Chemistry ?
Sm) Engineering ? Sm) Language ? Sm) Mechanics ?
Sm) New Tech ? Sm) Old Tech ? Sm) Pre-War History ?
Sm) Post-War Info ? Sm) Survival ? Sm) Tracking ?


Major: Elderly — he’s an old man
Major: Selfish — Can be helpful, but always has ulterior motives
Minor: Hard of Hearing — Left eardrum ruptured in landing
Special: Wanted — Wouldn’t you like to know


Race: Skaikru
Background: Bookworm, Well-Learned, Scion of the Apocalypse
Combat: Ambidextrous, Level-Headed, Improved Level-Headed, Marksman, No Mercy, Dead Shot, Chink in the Armor, Improved Chink in the Armor
General: Danger Sense, Luck, Great Luck, Spine of Steel, Master Spine of Steel, Nerves of Steel, Improved Nerves of Steel, Professional, Expert, Master, Hard to Kill, Harder to Kill, Killer Instinct, Ultra-Immune System
Leadership: Sidekick, Followers
Social: Feared and Revered, Connections, Elan
Utility: Healer, Artifact Cache, Major Artifact Cache, Gadgeteer, McGyver, Jack of All Trades, Mr. Fix-It, Fis Em Op, Frag Em Op, Improved Level-Headed, Apt Pupil, Investigative Researcher

Basic Vitals

Pace: 5
Parry: ?
Toughness: 8 (?/?)
Armor: ?
Tech Level: 3
Radiation Intolerance: 3
Encumbrance Base: 20 lbs
Encumbrance Max: 80 lbs


Genius. Heartless. Outcast.

Dr. Atticus Kroll is the son of Caroline and Dr. Phineus Kroll. Caroline was a top engineer and the Council representative of Mecha Station from 2269-2276. Phineus was the chief medical officer from 2273-2316 and a Council adviser. Groomed to take over for his father from childhood, Atticus was a forced—and engineered—prodigy. The “Kroll Family Legacy” was drilled into young Atticus from the day he was born.
He descended from a long line of geniuses. His ancestors were the first ones to successfully modify the human genome, and those that branched down the family tree were expected to continue the traditions of greatness—especially the continued work on genetic modification. The various Chancellors had allowed a certain amount of research and experimentation over the generations, but tended to draw the line at the more controversial procedures that might be suggested from time to time.
This left much of the “Kroll Family Legacy” trapped in hypotheses and under-tested theological journals. That changed with Phineus. He ignored the Chancellor’s orders and began to experiment on human subjects in secret. Ethics were never a major concern of Phineus—something he passed down to his son, who covertly helped him in his experiments. Most of their modifications were successful, and Phineus and his son managed to modify a great number of Arkers without their knowledge or notice before his death. After Phineus died, Atticus took his place as CMO for a time, until “retiring” in his 50s to focus more on research and teaching. Unbeknownst to the Council, Atticus continued his father’s work up until his departure from the Ark, ten years ago.
His departure from the Ark is as shrouded in mystery as the man is himself. The “official” Ark records have him dying in an accident, unofficial rumor has that he was floated. His story is that the Council sent him to Earth to see if it was survivable.

All of the stories hold a kernel of truth…wrapped in a husk of lies.

Why he disappeared, how he got to Earth, how he survived once he got there, and what he’s been up to for over a decade now are just the tip of the iceberg…

(NPC) Dr. Atticus Kroll

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