Viktor Sokolov

Race: Sky People / Age: 42 / Height: 6'1" / Weight: 185lbs / Eyes: Green eyes / Hair: Brown


Agility d4 Smarts d8 Spirit d8 Strength d6 Vigor d8

Basic Skills

A) Fighting d6
A) Stealth __
A) Locks __
A) Shooting __
A) Athletics __
A) Throwing __
A) Riding __

Sp) Intimidation __
Sp) Persuasion __
Sp) Guts __

Sm) Notice d8
Sm) Research d8
Sm) Gambling d4
Sm) Healing d6
Sm) Repair d8+2
Sm) Taunt d4

Earth Skills

Sm) Know – Battle d4
Sm) Know – Biology d4
Sm) Know – Chemistry d4
Sm) Know – Engineering d6
Sm) Know – Language d4
Sm) Know – Mechanics d6
Sm) Know – New Tech d4
Sm) Know – Old Tech d8
Sm) Know – Post-War Tech d4
Sm) Know – Post-War Info d4
Sm) Survival d4
Sm) Tracking d4


Major: Curious (Wants to know about everything)
Minor: Delusional (City of Light)
Minor: One Arm


Gadgeteer (May “jury-rig” a device once per game session)
Jack of All Trades (no -2 for unskilled Smarts-based attempts)
Mr. Fix It (+2 Repair rolls, half time per raise)
Race: Sky People
Radiation Immunity (Will never pass level 1)
Tech level 2 (can be improved)
+1d Spirit
+1d Vigor

Basic Vitals

Pace: 6
Parry: 6
Toughness: 8(2)
Charisma: 0
Armor: +2 / +4 Kevlar Vest Covers: T
Tech Level: 2
Radiation Intolerance: Never higher than 1
Encumbrance Base: 21
Encumbrance Max: 30

Kevlar Vest (2/4, Covers: T) – 8 lbs

Name Attack Dam AP Range
Shillelagh d6 STR+d4 – -
Staff d6 STR+d4 – -
Unarmed Strike d6 STR – -
Dagger d6 STR+d4 – -

Blanket, Microfiber (Blue)
Cleaning Supplies
Crank Radio
Crowbar X2
Improvised Drill
Lightbulb X2
Personal Omni-scanner
Scavenged Parts x6
Spray Can
Toolkit (+2 to repair or build)
Rations x8

Photo Collection:
Giant Spiders (in webs)
Otter – (natural) in water
Boomer – posing with her new toolbox
New Gettysburg
scenic overview
Stone house interior
Harrisburg, PA
River Views
Dr. Atticus Kroll
Dr. Kroll’s lab
Electrical system
Ayden – laughing while fishing
Ceris – Grounder Village
Ripe Jobi Nuts (mild hallucinogen)


Viktor knows something. Something too incredible to be believed, but Viktor believes it. In last-minute before the war communications, in federal funding registers for black projects, in dubious personnel shifts… If one looks closely enough, the truth is there, merely hidden. The City of Light exists. It was a refuge of knowledge, a safeguard from a millenia long dark age, designed to withstand the worst humanity could inflict on itself. I have triangulated the coordinates, I think I know where it is!

Teaching Earth Studies allowed me to roam the Ark’s data files, piecing together scraps of data. I found the references to Greenbriar, Mt. Weather, Cheyenne Mountain, and other secure sites. There were also a couple garbled references to Raven Rock Mountain, also referred to one as “The City of Light”.. If my data reconstruction algorithms are correct, it lies somewhere in the Blue Ridge Summit in Pennsylvania. The details are so incomplete, but could be exactly what we need…

Viktor Sokolov

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