Basic Gear


- Basic Clothes
- Handcuffs (zip ties, 1 use)
- Soap (d100 uses)
- Candle (6 hours, 1")
- Cigarette Lighter (lights in dry conditions in 1 turn, d100 charges)
- Map
- Writing Utensil (pen, pencil, marker, etc.)
- Eating Utensil (fork, knife, spoon, spork, etc.)
- Art Utensil (paintbrushes, pastels, chalks, charcoals, etc.)
- Paper (Arker-made or ancient preserved paper)
-Parchment (Grounder-made paper)
- * Inflatable Pillow (+ 1 to recover fatigue from resting)
- * Zippo Lighter (lights in any condition as a free action, 20 uses per 10z fill)
- *Compass (+ 2 to Survival rolls for direction)
- * Magnesium Firestarter (lights in any condition as a free action, infinite uses)


1lb Flint & Steel (lights in dry conditions in 1 turn)
2lb Medical Bag (no penalty for Healing rolls)
2lb Backpack (Holds up to 100lbs)
1lb Single Shoulder Bag (Holds up to 25lbs)
4lb Bedroll (No penalty for sleeping on the ground)
2lb Blanket (+ 1 to resist cold)
1lb Canteen/Waterskin
2lb Crowbar (+ 1 to strength to open)
1lb Hammer (tool)
½lb Screwdriver (tool)
2lb Shackles (includes lock & key, infinite uses)
2lb Quiver (Holds up to 20 Arrows/bolts)
5lb Rope (per 10’)
2lb Utility Belt (4 tool slots, 2 slots for med kit/demo kit/repair kit)
2lb Guard Belt (2 ammo slots, 1-3 slots for pistol/tranquilizer/knife/stun baton/etc, 1 slot for med kit/demo kit/repair kit)
2lb Briefcase
3lb Fire Extinguisher (d10 uses)
½lb Flask (Holds 1 drink ration)
½lb Zippo Lighter fluid (12oz)
3lb Oil Lamp (1 hour per 1oz Oil, 4")
1lb Lamp Oil (1pt)
1lb Flare (2 hours, 8")
2lb Portable Stove (90 uses per mini-tank of propane)
1lb Mini-Tank of Propane
1lb Pot
1lb Pan
10lb Climbing Gear
1lb Map Case
1lb Book
1lb Sketch Pad
4lb Small Tent (2 person)
7lb Medium Tent (4 person)
10lb Large Tent (8 person)
5lb Shovel
10lb Tool Box (no penalty for mechanics rolls)
5lb Tool Kit (+ 1 to mechanics)
1lb Torch (1 hour, 4”)
2lb Umbrella
5lb Bolt Cutters (+ 1 to strength for cutting)
2lb Grappling Hook (+ 1 athletics for climbing)
1lb Lock picks (No penalty for picking standard locks)
15lb * Fuel Generator (2000 Watt, 3 hours at full load per gallon of gas)
3lb * Gallon of Gasoline
2lb * Rebreather (12 hours of breathable air)
1lb * Scope (+ 2 to shooting rolls over short range)
1lb * Laser Sight (+ 2 to shooting rolls over short range in dim or dark conditions)
1lb * Silencer (- 2 to Notice hearing shot)
3lb * Winter Gear (No penalty to cold resistance)
5lb * Snow Shoes (No penalty for traveling in snow)
6lb * Skis (Doubles pace across snow)
1lb * * Binoculars (20x magnification, +1 notice at long range)
5lb * Demolitions Kit (No penalty for setting/disarming demolitions)
2lb * * Night Vision Googles (No penalties for seeing in dim or dark conditions)
1lb * * Water Purification Filter (Auto filters 1 container of water-based liquid into drinkable water, 5 uses per filter)
½-12lb * * Musical Instruments (any type of found or created instrument that produces music; special bonuses may apply for musical ability)

Basic Gear

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