The Setting

The setting of Arkfall is both futuristic and primitive. Earth’s human population was virtually wiped out 297 years ago, except for a few small pockets of humanity. This game centers around what was the Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia area of the United States before the nuclear blasts began. The known surviving populations of humans are descended from three basic groups of survivors in that area: Trigedakru (Grounders, specifically the Woods Clan), Maunon (Mountain Men), and Skaikru (Sky People).

Grounders are somewhat primitive in their weaponry and technology. Very few of them are literate. They speak a language they call Trigedasleng. The Grounder warriors also know basic English, though rarely speak it amongst themselves. Extremely proficient at war, the Grounders are generally very physically adept. The various tribes make-up roughly 90% of the population that survived on Earth. Currently the tribes in the region are at peace with each other, though their Alliance is shaky at best.

Mountain Men are actually descendants of what was left of the US government when the bombs fell. Essentially, those high-ranking members of the government and the scientists/doctors/military personnel that were able to evacuate into their appointed underground fallout facilities. The only known facility in the area is Mt. Weather, though there were dozens of facilities around the US, and any number of them could hold survivors. Centuries spent below ground in sealed facilities has lowered their immune system and has kept them from developing natural radiation filtration. What they lack in physical prowess, however, they have in technological capabilities. By far the most tech savy of the three, the Mountain Men have been preying on the Grounder population for centuries to both keep themselves alive and to seek a way to overcome their physical inabilities.

The Sky People, or Arkers, are descended from those who happened to be living on the new orbital space stations when the war broke out. They eventually joined the stations together to form a single giant station with multiple wards known as the Ark. The Ark was originally supposed to sustain life for 400 years, which was calculated as the amount of time necessary for human life to be sustainable for a re-population of Earth. Unfortunately, much like the Titanic, the Ark held a number of major flaws. A hundred years before their previously set decent date, the Ark’s life support hit critical failure and it became clear they were going to run out of oxygen. Given the choice between certain death in space or likely death on the ground, the Ark was purposely crashed into the atmosphere, breaking the wards off, back into their original stations. Some of the stations blew up in the process of reentry. Others crashed into the ground like asteroids, destroying themselves and all around them. A few managed to crash safely. In the region, there are four known crash sites with survivors: Alpha Station, Mecha Station, Pharma Station, and Agro Station. Each crash site has become its own town, taking on the name of the station that formed it. Through the extensive genetic engineering performed on the Ark and the prolonged exposure to solar radiation in space, the Arkers are even more adept at filtering radiation, their injuries tend to heal faster, and they are less prone to disease. They are also quick to pick up the newer tech capabilities of the Mountain Men.

In addition to the more advanced societies that dwell in the region, there are also bands of outcasts, mutated humans, mutated predators, and crazed cannibals known as Reapers.

The Setting

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