Helen's Log, Day 1

The journey to Gettysburg

—The mumps outbreak has been contained. Now that I have some time to look around and take stock of the clinic, I see that we are quite low on preventive and curative medicines. I must find an opportunity to forage for healing herbs outside of the city. I will need backup; perhaps one of the children.

—Professor Sokolov has approached me about a possible cache of medicine, a mere day’s journey from here! This could be the opportunity I need to restock our dwindling supplies.

—I was reluctant to leave, once I learned the group was to be led by that Mountain Man, Lincoln. Still, he wears the protective gear, so it is unlikely that he was involved in Michael’s murder. Once Boomer arrived, with that small man, I knew I had to come, to watch over the child. She seems capable enough, but she has been without a mother for so long.

—We left at daybreak, and almost at once I found an abundance of useful herbs. This journey has already proven useful. I am eager to discover new treasures along the way.

—The small man took to the trees as we walked through the forest. I trust that he will prove useful as a scout. I have found no more medicinal herbs, so I will shift my attention to Boomer’s progress. I would hate to see her injure herself.

-The small man-Ash, I have heard Boomer call him—ended up swinging headlong into a tremendous web. I have only read of spiders in books, but they always seemed to be much smaller in stories. I quickly picked up a good-sized branch, to try to break the web enough to release young Ash. When my attempts proved fruitless, I began to climb one of the trees supporting the web, with the intention of cutting it down with my knife.
As I climbed I heard gunshots below, as Boomer and Lincoln shot at the spiders. I saw two or three explode into ichor that rained down on the hapless Ash. Just as I was about to reach the web, I saw Prof. Sokolov give a mighty swing with his staff, releasing Ash along with half the web.
I quickly jumped down to give aid to Ash, who along with Prof. Sokolov had been covered in fresh webbing. I was able to cut Ash free, as Boomer and Lincoln dispatched the remaining spiders. We then feasted on spider legs, which really weren’t bad once I was able to calm my gag reflex.

—We continued through the forest in search of a stream, so that Ash and Prof. Sokolov could wash off the ichor that had covered them both. When we finally arrived, I helped the Professor to wash the ichor off of his back, which he couldn’t reach on his own. Then, as I waited for Ash to complete his reconnaissance of the area, I searched for useful water plants. I found an excellent supply of blood moss. Together with the webbing, it will prove useful in staunching the flow of blood from grievous wounds.
When Ash returned, I scrubbed the ichor from his back and out of his hair, before we all crossed the river.

—Soon we reached the town of Gettysburg. The town was surprisingly intact. We skirted the edges to find the cache, which Lincoln assured us was just beyond. After an hour of nervous glances toward the outwardly abandoned-looking town, we reached an old metal door built into the side of a hill. Lincoln managed to open the cumbersome door, despite the squealing of rusted hinges. I looked around warily, to see if anyone or anything was coming to investigate the sound.
Once the door was open, we made our way gingerly down the darkened stairway. I was grateful that the ever-resourceful Boomer had packed a flashlight.
At the bottom, we found a door with an obscured porthole-styled window. The door proved impossible to open, until Prof. Sokolov discovered a maintenance room full of useful tools and supplies, as well as a breaker panel which illuminated the cramped hallway. The doctor was able to fashion a powered drill, with which he made a hole in door, large enough for Boomer to insert an incendiary substance. Once the door was opened, I was eager to find what medical marvels were hidden inside.
There were two small refrigeration units. As Lincoln attempted to open the one secured with a keypad, I opened the unlocked unit. Inside, I found a dozen vials of antibiotic! This has been the best find, yet!
Boomer had to step in to unlock the second unit (such a clever girl). Inside, we found several vials of an unknown biologically-hazardous substance, which may prove useful once we return to York.



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