Galt son of Galt - Log

Ai Galt don hon ae new kru

Bilaik ain nontu don ste tel ai op, “Taim yu drag raun, taim yu ge ban au. Pas daun, yu gonplei ste odon.” Dis Trigeda we. Ba disha Skaikru ste nouseim. Disha Skairkru na nou jak oso op. Emo nou ste yuj… Emo ste branwada, hod raun op, en ste spichen. Ai tel yu op, emo jomp ai op bilaik ai na tich dem Skairu hashta laudnes. Biga laudnes. Oso gonplei don jos stot au. Ai nou ste kwelen, na nou hod up, na nou tel spichen op. Emo kamp raun mi, en ai na ste odon emo gonplei.



I love it! Only suggestion, I would give a translation at the bottom for those who do not wish to try learning the Grounder language. Of course…not translating is a good way to keep your character’s thoughts more private. Up to you. I will make no ruling on whether you do or do not have to translate.

Galt son of Galt - Log

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