Personal Log - Viktor Sokolov, 13 Sep, AF 1

Encountered the most fascinating new species of Gorilla today. The thing was massive! Approximately 4 meters in height, terribly strong. It seemed to have very tough, armored skin, attacks on it had a hard time penetrating its hide. I tried to lever a tree to fall on it, but the gorilla was too fast and agile, and the tree missed. Once the fighting was over, I collected multiple specimens for study, including one testicle, roughly 400ml in size. I’m hoping epigenetic analysis will show not only what species of ape this monster is a descendent of, but also any weaknesses. The genetic material in the testicle will be invaluable in adapting any environmental immunities or resistances the beast has to work with our own genome.

With the surviving equipment, it may take up to a week to develop a comprehensive workup on the material recovered.

At every turn we encounter the new, the adapted, and sometimes, the deadly. We must wring every bit of knowledge out of these discoveries – learn the weaknesses, try to incorporate their strengths. When on the Ark, we really didn’t have new genetic material to really delve into the transhumanist eugenics as much as I’d liked. That’s no problem here! We just need to be extremely sure that all of the metabolic and genetic pathways are fully mapped before incorporating them into ourselves. If we don’t adapt quickly, this place will surely destroy us.

I have determined that none of my companions has any new information about the City of Light – unless they are deliberately keeping the information from me. Why would they do that? No, they are probably just ignorant… Our long range scans show a vast region of higher than normal radiation to the northwest. Somewhere on the other side of that wasteland is the location. Perhaps some pretext to get off the coast… Weather, maybe? Once all the local caches have been raided, and we have acquired all the technology we can, we should move to a more permanent base of operations… Oh, to have a fully operational lab again!



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