Personal Log - Viktor Sokolov, 16 Sep, AF 1

A.K.A. Mutants are stronger than I expected

After a thrilling jaunt to the ruins of Gettysburg to a Medical Cache, my assistants and I encountered a band of horribly mutated humans… They were much stronger than an average human, manipulated rudimentary but effective weapons, and maintained at least some form of primitive language. They also exhibited a hierarchical social structure, with one larger mutant obviously in a leadership position.

I did not survive this up-close study unscathed, however; my left arm is a shambles, and if Helen can keep infection under control, I may yet survive. This will undoubtedly require an extended recuperation period, which will allow me to do some much needed research back at York. I have many samples to analyze. I also will be able to oversee the creation of a primitive generator (a waterwheel based device along the river) to vastly improve the lives of the citizens of York.

I will need to recruit more assistants than I had previously estimated.

Another note: In the scuffle with the mutants, we lost Boomer. This is a tragedy of the first magnitude. She, more than any of the others in the village, had the technical acumen to help me get things started on that long path back to true civilization. It pains me to think of her loss, and how much longer the uplifting of York will take now. In fact, I may need to focus solely on York, and curtail these excursions, at least until the village is properly equipped and defended.

I can’t imagine what would happen to these people if I were killed. They may never claw their way out of barbarism back to a point where we can leverage technology to tame this savage world.



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