these people ain't gonna make it

Sketchbook Log #13

I’m either extremely lucky, or extremely unlucky to be alive right now, I’m not actually sure yet. All I know is that I hope this new crew of misfits survives longer than the last crew. I’ve seen a more guts in the last two weeks than on all the tables I operated over on the Ark. Still, when that poor child exploded and half the others ran away in terror I could help but wonder if I was insanely cut out for this savage new world we’ve found ourselves in..

Regardless of trust issues, it seems I should take company with this shamble as I may be able to follow them back to whichever encampment they came from. I recognize the woman Helen from the medical station. She’s no surgeon and that man will bleed out if he’s not operated on soon. Perhaps my skills, with Helen’s assistance, can be enough to patch up this gizmo man enough to return to some safety. For once I hope my reputation will not be proceeding me.

Creature Log: Mutant native (Orc)
- large fighters, grey skin, heavy layer of muck
inhuman toughness and athletic ability
- weapon crafting includes bone spears and blades
travel in packs with an alpha at the lead
— scared away at the sound of Grounder horn



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