(NPC) Ayden, the Blood Hunter

Grounder / 22 / 5'11" / 175 lbs / Grey / Brunette / 93 Kill mark scars on shoulders and back / Trikru Tribal tattoo behind right ear


Agility d8 Smarts d6 Spirit d6 Strength d8 Vigor d8 riseoftomb.jpg

Basic Traits

A) Fighting d10 A) Stealth d4 A) Locks __
A) Shooting d4 A) Athletics d4
A) Throwing d4 A) Riding d4
Sp) Intimidation d4 Sp) Persuasion__ Sp) Guts d6
Sm) Notice d6 Sm) Research __ Sm) Healing __

Earth Skills

Sm) Battle __ Sm) Biology __ Sm) Chemistry __
Sm) Engineering __ Sm) Language Sm) Mechanics
Sm) New Tech __ Sm) Old Tech __ Sm) Pre-War History d6
Sm) Post-War Info d6 Sm) Survival d4 Sm) Tracking d4


Major: Bloodthirsty
Minor: Vengeful
Minor: Loyal
Special: Night Terrors


Race: Trikru
Background: Gonakru
Combat: Two-Fisted, Frenzy, Acrobat
General: Scion of the Apocalypse
Leadership: __________________
Social: Jus Drein, Jus Daun
Utility: __________________

Basic Vitals

Pace: 6
Parry: 7/9
Toughness: 6 (8/10)
Charisma: 0/- 4
Armor: 2/4
Tech Level: 1
Radiation Intolerance: 2
Encumbrance Base: 40
Encumbrance Max: 160

Weapons: Longbow (2d6 + 1, AP 2)
Double Katanas (d8 + d6 + 2, AP 2)
Bladed Chakram (d8 + d6)


Ayden kom Trigeda is the eldest of three children (Ayden, Costia, & Olli) born to Ava, a warrior, and Ellis, a builder. She grew up in the old Trigeda capitol city of Tilmo, and was trained as a warrior by her mother from the time she could walk. When she turned 7, she was given over to begin her formal training—the first three years of which she undertook alongside the clan’s other children her age, including the head healer’s daughter—Alexandria, the girl who would become Commander of the 12 Clans.

Ayden, Alexandria, and the other children trained together until they reached the age of 10. At that time, those who possessed the skills to become warriors of their tribe were chosen by members of the Gonakru to serve as apprentices, or Seconds. The elder warriors would continue the young warriors’ training. When the Seconds had proven themselves, they could request their Rites. Those who passed their Rites became full members of the Gonakru. Those who failed most often died, and the few who survived were no longer in condition to be warriors. If they lived, they could return to their villages and take up other occupations. When their time came to be chosen, Alexandria became Second to Anya and Ayden became the Second to Tairiq.

Tairiq and Anya were two of the Woods Clan’s best Shadow Hunters—Trikova Honakru.The Shadow Hunters were an elite fighting force that specialized in stealth, subterfuge, sabotage, and hunting down other humans. As Ayden and Alexandria were trained in the ways of the Shadow Hunters, the two grew to be friends and loyal comrades in arms. As they spent much of their free time with each other’s families, it did not surprise Ayden when, at 15 and shortly after the completion of their Rites, her friend began to take interest in her younger sister, Costia. It also did not surprise Ayden when Alexandria was called to lead their people a year later, or that Costia, and apprentice builder, went with her when Alexandria moved the clan’s new capitol to Polis.

A few months later, when the Commander began the massive undertaking of uniting the clans under her rule, Ayden, along with the other Shadow Hunters, were called to hunt down those who would not submit. The Commander called it Flosh Klin—the Purge. The Trikova Honakru of the Trigeda and the other loyal clans—the Floudonkru and the Yongmaungeda—would infiltrate both the hostile clans’ territories and their own territories. They would hunt down chieftains and generals who opposed the forming of the Kongeda, whether enemy or ally clan, and end their fight. This would keep allied clans in line, and soften hostile clans before the Commander’s army would arrive to render the final blow. By the time Heda’s armies arrived, most of the hostile clans submitted without any further bloodshed. It was a ruthless, bloody, but highly effective tactic.

After 2 years of fighting, there were only two hold-outs left: the Swamp Clan to the south and the Ice Nation in the north. The Commander chose to focus on the south first, as the Azgeda, the Ice Nation, was the largest and most formidable of all the clans. Heda knew she would need the full might of the 11 other clans to force the Azgedakwin to submit. But as ruthless and bloody as the Commander’s tactics were, the Ice Queen’s were far worse. In the dead of winter, while the Shadow Hunters and the Commander’s armies were accepting the surrender of the Swamp Clan in the south, the Azgeda’s Trikova Honakru infiltrated Polis itself. The Shadow Hunters took Ayden’s sister—the Commander’s Hodness—from Polis and brought her back to the Azgeda capitol far in the North. It took 4 days for the Commander’s forced to receive the news. By the time they did, it was too late to rescue Costia before she reached the border of the Ice Nation.

The Commander ordered the Ice Queen to return Costia. And she did…piece by piece. She would send slaves to deliver the gruesome taunts to her rival. Sometimes her fingers, then sometimes of her toes. A bit of flesh here and there. Eventually, a hand. Narin, the Azgedakwin, knew that the Commander could not bring her armies north in the middle of winter without taking devastating losses. She had hoped to goad Heda into losing her armies before she could even threaten the Ice Queen’s stronghold. When the Commander did not rise to her bait, and after spending several torture-filled weeks discovering that Costia might have shared the Heda’s bed, but did not share the secrets of her army, the Ice Queen tried one final blow to her nemesis—she sent the Commander her lover’s head.

When the Commander’s armies finally reached the Azgeda capitol 5 months later, it was Ayden who retrieved what remained of Costia’s crucified body from the stronghold’s gates when the Commander could not look at it. And when the Commander let the Azgedakwin live, it was Ayden who had to be restrained and knocked unconscious to keep her from doing to Narin what Narin had done to her sister—with or without the Commander’s permission. For a month, she was kept restrained and guarded until they returned to Polis, cursing the Commander and the Ice Queen with equal fervor the entire way.

Despite her better judgement, the Commander did not execute her childhood friend. Heda knew that Ayden would never get over the loss of her sister or the loss of her retribution. She knew because, while the Heda had to move on to do what was best for all of her people, Alexandria—the girl the Commander could no longer be—would never get over her loss either. Out of the last ounce of care she could give for Costia, the Commander would not end Ayden’s fight, even when she screamed for it, but neither could she merely let her go—knowing Ayden would return to the Ice Nation at her first opportunity. She knew that Ayden would try to kill Narin, and if she succeeded, the Alliance with the Azgeda would crumble, and Costia would have died for nothing. Instead, Heda used a tactic she learned as a Shadow Hunter years before. She forced Ayden back into submission through a ruthlessness Ayden had once used against Heda’s enemies. If Ayden were ever to attempt to exact vengeance or ever defied her orders again, Heda would execute the rest of Ayden’s family before executing Ayden herself.

Ayden saw no choice but to submit, and pledged herself once more to the Heda, but her rage never abated. After the war, Ayden threw herself into hunting anyone she was ordered: Maunon, natronas, ripas, even monstas. She sought out any opportunity to take blood. Those she was sent to hunt were returned at the threshold of death if needed alive, and met increasingly horrific ends if ordered dead. Her brutal tactics earned her the title Jus Hona, “Blood Hunter.” While she has served the Commander loyally since the day she was given the ultimatum, Ayden has never forgiven the Commander, nor forgotten her blood debt to the Ice Queen.

One day she will collect on both counts…

(NPC) Ayden, the Blood Hunter

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