Helen Dandalides


Race: Sky People/Age: 43/Height: 5’5"/Weight: 135/Eyes: Blue/Hair: Greying Brown/Scars: None/Tattoos: None


Agility d6 Smarts d8 Spirit d6 Strength d6 Vigor d6

Basic Traits
A) Fighting d6 A) Stealth __ A) Locks __
A) Shooting __ A) Athletics __
A) Throwing __ A) Riding __
Sp) Intimidation __ Sp) Persuasion d4 Sp) Guts __
Sm) Notice d6 Sm) Research __ Sm) Healing d8

Earth Skills
Sm) Battle __ Sm) Biology d8 +2 Sm) Chemistry d8 +2
Sm) Engineering __ Sm) Language __ Sm) Mechanics __
Sm) New Tech __ Sm) Old Tech __ Sm) Pre-War History __
Sm) Post-War Info 4 Sm) Survival d6 +1 Sm) Tracking __

Major: Heroic
Minor: Vengeful
Minor: Loyal

Race: Shaikru
Background: Well Learned
General: Alertness Notice + 2
Social: Strong-Willed
Utility: +1 Scholar Healer

Basic Vitals
Pace: 6
Parry: 5
Toughness: 7(2)
Charisma: ___
Armor: ___
Tech Level: 2
Radiation Intolerance: Immune
Encumbrance Base: ___
Encumbrance Max: ___


Trained as a surgeon, Helen didn’t have much time to raise her son Michael, who started acting out to gain attention. He was caught stealing one day, and sent to the Skybox. He was later chosen as one of the 100. Helen monitored his progress from the Ark, via his wristband. When the time came for the Ark to land, Helen looked forward to the day that she would reunite with Michael and have a chance to make up for lost time.

When the Ark denizens finally met up with the 100, Helen asked to see her son. That was when she learned that he had been captured by the Mountain Men and killed for his bone marrow, so that the selfish Mountain Men could overcome their vulnerability to radiation.

News like this would have crushed the spirit of any mother, but Helen has seen death more often than most; often despite her best efforts on the operating table. So she didn’t withdraw or become a useless pile of blubbering goo. Instead, she focused her rage toward the Mountain Men, who clearly had no concept of respect for other races beside their own. She vowed to take her revenge on any MM doctors or council members, since it was clearly their decision to butcher her baby.

Because she has lost her own child, Helen has an almost pathological need to keep other children safe and healthy. And to Helen, anyone under the age of 30 is a child. She will go out of her way to protect a child, particularly the rest of the 100. If only these babies had had a mother to watch over them, maybe they wouldn’t have run afoul of the Grounders or the Mountain Men.

Helen Dandalides

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