Character Creation

Creating a character for Arkfall is almost as fun as actually playing…to me, anyway. To make a character, simply do the following:

Every character begins at Novice rank and 0 XP, unless you choose the “Scion of the Apocalypse” Edge in character creation, in which case your character will begin at Seasoned rank and 20 XP…though remember…with great power comes great consequence.

So grab a character sheet and let’s get started!*

1. Pick a race. (Sky People [Skaikru], Grounder [Trikru], or Mountain Man [Maunon])

2. Pick 1 Major Hindrance and 2 Minor Hindrances.

3. Allocate starting Ability points. (Start with 5, unless modified by a Hindrance) All abilities start at d4, except for the one(s) modified by your chosen Race, and cost 1 starting Ability point to increase per die type.

4. Allocate starting Skill points. (Start with 15, unless modified by a Hindrance.) Skills start at no dice and cost 1 point to increase per die type up to the same die type that their ruling Ability holds, and 2 points per die type for increases above their Ability die type. [Ex: Fighting is modified by Agility. If your Agility is d6, it costs 2 skill points to increase Fighting from no die to a d6, but would cost 4 additional skill points to increase it to a d10, but if your Agility is a d10, it would only cost 4 total skill points to achieve a d10 in Fighting.]

5. Choose any 2 Edges that your character qualifies for (pay attention to an Edge’s prerequisites, if they have any).

6. Now you have 4 general points to allocate as you see fit. Edges, Ability points, and new Skills (those you have not already put points in) cost 2 points each. Increasing skills you already have (up to their Ability die) cost 1 point. You can increase 2 Abilities, gain 2 new skills, gain 2 additional Edges, increase known skills by 4, or any combination therein.

7. Set remaining stats:
Pace is 6 (unless modified by a Hindrance or Edge)
Charisma is 0 (unless modified by a Hindrance or Edge)
Radiation Level is determined by Race and cannot be changed. (1 is the highest tolerance for Radiation, with 3 being the lowest)
Tech Level is determined by Race and can be increased over the course of the game (in this case, it’s the opposite: 1 is the lowest, 3 is the highest)
Parry is 2 + half your Fighting skill rounded down, with the lowest being 3 if you have no Fighting skill.
Toughness is 2 + half your Vigor rounded down.
Encumbrance Base is 5x Strength (unless modified by the Brawny Edge, in which case it’s 8x strength) and indicates how much you can carry before you “feel” it [i.e. take penalties for being “encumbered”]
Encumbrance Max is 20x Strength (unless modified by the Brawny Edge, in which case it’s 32x strength) and indicates the maximum amount you can carry [This is the point that your character would be unable to do anything other than carry whatever it is]

8. Choose Free Gear (pick one weapon and one piece of armor of common or uncommon rarity, i.e. a sword and a jacket)

9. “Buy” Starting Gear (you have 250 [unless modified by the Rich, Very Rich, or Noble Edges] to “buy” all other gear with. You can buy whatever you want up to 250. Any thing unspent is lost, so don’t try to save it. You will have opportunities to find/trade for/build additional gear throughout the course of the game.

10. Add flavor! (This is the most fun part. This is where you name your character, choose what they look like, and give them a back story. You should also think up a couple of personal items that they will carry around with them. For instance, you may be playing a tattooed, battle-scared warrior who happens to carry around a tattered book of poetry and her lost lover’s locket or a fresh-faced bookworm who carries a diary stuffed with ancient post cards he found along his travels. The more fun you have with the flavor of your character, the more fun you will have playing your character.)

*If you do not have a character sheet to record all of the above information on, don’t fret! I have extra copies!

You should now be set to play!

Character Creation

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