On Monstas--The Mutated Humans


At the edge of Trigeda lands, the Stegeda kom Monstas was a place that most would never venture near. The Commanders gone by had long ago killed or pushed out the mutants from heart of their lands. Like cockroaches, however, extermination was never complete. More than a century ago, Commander Dexon had finally made an agreement with the mutant’s Alpha. So long as they kept to a few specific locations along the borderlands, Trikru would stop hunting them. Any monstas who were seen outside of their designated stegedas would be hunted down and killed, unless they were gathering monsta goufas—mutated children.

Any children born with obvious mutations were considered impure. Some clans order them killed immediately. Others, like the Trigeda give the mother the choice to bring the child to specific locations just outside of the Stegedas kom Monstas and leave them there, or to take the child and enter voluntary exile. Additionally, if a mother gives birth to a second impurity, she is required to sacrifice her womb in order to remain in the clan, otherwise she is exiled as well. Likewise, if a man is known to father two impurities, he is required to sacrifice his ability to father any more children or faces exile.

Though harsh, this was the only way that the clans knew to keep the human race from becoming irreparably mutated. The unintended consequence, however, was that the mutated continued to reproduce, further mutating their humanity. The majority of the monstas today are not merely people with an additional growth or defect, but humanoid creatures that are almost unrecognizable as such.


On Monstas--The Mutated Humans

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