Racial Edges

Maunon: (Mountain Men or Citizens) Descended from the survivors of the War who hid themselves in underground government facilities to escape the radiation, these characters have had access to continually-innovative technology and the wealth of the Pre-War Knowledge, but also have the most to fear from radiation poisoning. Most will need anti-radiation medications or enviro-suits to stay on the surface for prolonged periods of time, as centuries spent in radiation-free artificially regulated environments left them with no natural ability to metabolize radiation. Radiation Susceptible, Tech Level 3, Smarts starts at d6 instead of d4

Skaikru: (Arkers or Sky People) Space-born and descended from the survivors of the War who were caught in orbit on international space stations when the bombs began to fall, these characters have spent almost 300 years looking at Earth outside their windows and dreaming of the day they could live on the surface again. Constant exposure to solar radiation and extensive genetic engineering to ensure the human race survived combined with their hope and determination to reach the ground allowed them to survive the harshness of space. Radiation Immunity, Tech Level 2, Spirit and Vigor start at d6 instead of d4

Trikru: (Woods Clan/Allied Clan or Grounders) Descended from those who managed to survive on the surface after the War, these characters were able to mutate and evolve over the centuries to metabolize the radiation. Those with obvious mutations are cast-out or killed to preserve the “purity” of the human race. These cullings and the high death-rate from both environmental factors and warring with each other over the centuries left them to evolve towards becoming stronger and more agile in order to survive the brutality of the surface. Unfortunately, this also helped to lead to the loss of significant portions of knowledge and technology. Their bodies were not the only thing to evolve. A complex society of tribes and clans formed over time, bringing with it new customs, language, and perspective. Radiation Resistant, Tech Level 1, Agility and Strength start at d6 instead of d4

Background Edges

Big: Character is unusually tall, growing over 7’ tall. + 1 to Toughness, + 1d to Strength, + 1 Size, + 1 to enemy attack rolls against the character

Big, Really: (Big) Character is over 7’ tall and massive. + 2 to Toughness, + 2d to Strength, + 2 Size, + 2 to enemy attack rolls against the character

Bookworm: (Skaikru, Maunon, Pre-War History d6) Character has spent countless hours poring over their society’s collection of books and records. + 2 to Research and one player-designated Earth Skill, Begins play with an Atlas

Craftsman: (Trikru, Smarts d8) Character is very skilled in their trade. + 1 to Utility Edges

Dark Eyed: (Maunon, any non-combat background) Character has spent their life underground in dim lights. Only suffers sight penalties in pitch darkness, Begins play with an everlasting crank LED flashlight

Gonakru: (Trikru) Character has trained to be a warrior in their tribe. + 1 to Combat Edges

Groomed for Command: (Trikru) Character is a former clan leader or was second to a current or former clan leader. + 1 to Leadership Edges

Groomed for Council: (Skaikru) Character is a former Councilor or is the child of a current or former Councilor. + 1 to Leadership Edges

Groomed for Office: (Maunon) Character is a former political leader or was raised by one. + 1 to Leadership Edges

Guard Training: (Skaikru) Character was trained as a Guard on the Ark. + 1 to Combat Edges

Keepers of Knowledge: (Maunon, Smarts d8) Character is very skilled in their field. + 1 to Utility Edges

Noble: Character is a member of a prominent family in their society and has responsibilities because of it. Their heighten status affords them certain benefits, but costs them in obligations. + 2 Charisma, + 1 Wealth, Obligations as set by the GM

Orator: (Maunon, Spirit d8) Character has spent time studying the great orators of the past and has learned to be well spoken. + 1 to Social Edges

Security Detail: (Maunon) Character has trained to be a security officer in their facility. + 1 to Combat Edges

Silver Tongue: (Skaikru, Spirit d8) Character has an exceptional way with words. + 1 to Social Edges

Small: Character is shorter than 5’ tall. +1d to Agility, – 1 to Toughness, – 1 to enemy attack rolls

Small, Really: (Small) Character is shorter than 5’ and skinny. + 2d to Agility, – 2 to Toughness, – 2 to enemy attack rolls

Smooth Talker: Character always knows just what to say…and when not to say anything. + 1 to Social Edges

Scion of the Apocalypse: (Guts d6, Earth Skills: Post War Info d6, Earth Skills: Pre-War Info d6) Character has encountered horrors and done things to survive that are just as horrible. Their experiences and will to survive have changed them. May begin at Seasoned Rank, taking 8 points additional to their beginning allocations to spend on Abilities, Skills, or Edges, or any combination of the three, To compensate for the extra levels, the character will suffer from a malady. Exactly what malady will be randomly determined. BEWARE, maiming, insanity, and other such nasty things are on the table.

Well Learned: (Skaikru, Smarts d8) Character is very skilled in their profession. + 1 to Utility Edges

Novice Edges

Acrobat: (Agility d8, Strength d6) Character has trained in acrobatic movements. + 2 to Nimbleness-based Agility traits, + 1 to Parry if unencumbered [Combat]

Alertness: Character is more alert than most. + 2 Notice [General]

Ambidextrous: (Agility d8) Character is equally adept with both hands. No off-hand penalty [General]

Animal Magnetism: (Spirit d8) Character is almost more animal than man—in spirit anyway. + 2 Riding, + 2 Earth Skills: Tracking, Animals will not attack the character unless attacked first. [Social]

Apt Pupil: (Skill d8) Character has devoted focused study to the subject. + 2 to a single skill, May be taken once per Rank [Utility]

Armorer: (Smarts d8, Mechanics d8) Character can craft armor from scavenged materials. Armor takes 1 day to craft. Each wound reduces armor by – 1. At 0, the armor is destroyed. Mechanics roll to craft. [Utility]
Basic Success = +1 hide, leather, wood, etc. armor weighing 5lbs.
With 1 Raise = +2 metal, rubber, etc. armor weighing 10lbs.
With 2 Raises = +3 advanced alloys, Kevlar, etc. armor weighing 15lbs.
Additional Raises increase alloyed armor quality by 1 per raise, reduce weight by 1lb.

Artifact Cache: Character has found a cache of stuff. Rolls may be performed to “discover” needed items with approval of the GM. [Utility]

Artifact Cache, Major: (Artifact Cache) Cache is larger and more likely to have useful items. [Utility]

Art of War: (Smarts d6, Command) Character has studied war tactics and is skilled in fighting large scale battles. + 2 to Earth Skills: Battle rolls [Leadership]

Assassin: (Agility d8, Athletics d6, Fighting d6, Stealth d8) Character is a silent but deadly killer. + 2 Damage when striking a foe unawares [Combat]

Attractive: (Vigor d6) Character is objectively very physically attractive to other characters. + 2 to Charisma [Social]

Attractive, Very: (Attractive) Character is ridiculously attractive to others. + 4 to Charisma [Social]

Beast Bond: Character has a special connection to his non-human friends. May spend Bennies for his animal companions. [Social]

Beast Master: (Spirit d8) Character has a way with animals. Gains an animal companion, Animals will not attack the character unless attacked first. [Social]

Blade Fighter: (Fighting d8, Strength d6) Character is skilled with bladed weapons. + 1 to Parry when wielding a bladed weapon [Combat]

Brawler: (Strength d8) Character has trained in unarmed combat. + 2 to unarmed damage rolls [Combat]

Brave: (Spirit d6) Character possess a brave spirit. + 2 to fear tests [Social]

Brawny: (Strength d6, Vigor d6) Character has muscles on muscles. + 1 Toughness, Load limit is increased to 8x Strength [General]

Charismatic: (Spirit d8) Character possesses a certain something in their personality that draws others to them. + 2 to Charisma [Social]

Charismatic, Very: (Charismatic) Character’s personality draw is undeniable. + 4 to Charisma [Social]

Chink in the Armor: (Smarts d6) Character is accustomed to fighting against armored foes. Ignore 1 point of armor [Combat]

Command: (Smarts d6) Character has earned the respect of those under their command. + 1 to any commanded troops recovering from being shaken within 5” [Leadership]

Command Presence: (Command) Character’s mere presence in leadership is greatly respected, even at a distance. + 1 to any commanded troops recovering from being shaken within 10” [Leadership]

Common Bond: (Spirit d8) Character shares a strong connection to his fellow adventurers. May share Bennies with other players [Leadership]

Compensating for Something: (Strength d8) Character is known for their large…weapon. + 2 to Spirit rolls when wielding a large weapon [Social]

Connections: Character has made some powerful friends along their way. May call upon “friend(s)” for favors. [Social]

Danger Sense: Character has uncanny intuition of harmful things. May roll Notice at – 2 to sense surprise attacks/traps, and must be alerted to such dangers by GM

Demolitions: (Smarts d6, Agility d6, Chemistry d6, Tech Level 2 +) Character is a demolitions expert. Uses lower of Smarts or Agility to set or diffuse. Roll of 1 on trait die results in device detonating in hand [Combat]
Basic Success = Sets or Diffuses explosive device
With 1 Raise = Sets with + 1d6 damage, Diffuses with salvageable components (Chemistry roll determines how much is salvaged)
With 2 Raises = Sets with + 2d6 damage, Diffuses with device intact
Additional Raises increase set damage by + 1d6

Deadeye: (Strength d6, Throwing d8 or Shooting d8) Character is a bulls-eye shot with a ranged weapon. [Combat]

Elan: (Spirit d8) Character has a strong spirit and puts their heart into their task. + 2 to final total of any trait roll a player spends a Benny on including Soak rolls [Social]

Extraction: (Agility d8) Character knows how to disengage from an overwhelmed position. Ignore one Foe’s free attack when withdrawing from melee with an Agility roll [Combat]

Extraction, Improved: (Extraction) Character knows how to evade a group of foes who have overwhelmed their position. Successful raise on Agility roll results in no free attack from any foes [Combat]

Fast Healer: (Vigor d8) Character has genetic enhancements, whether through natural evolution or scientific modification, that allow them to heal at a much faster rate than the average person. + 2 to Natural Healing rolls [Utility]

Feared and Revered: (Persuasion d8 or Intimidation d8) Character can inspire awe as well as fear in others. Charisma modifiers, whether positive or negative, can be added to Intimidation rolls [Social/Leadership]

First Strike: (Agility d8) Character is quicker to strike a foe when they are being attacked in melee. May free attack one foe who moves adjacent [Combat]

Fis Em Op, Frag Em Op: (Healing d8, Survival d6, Chemistry d6, Biology d6) Character knows how to concoct potions, salves, and ointments or poisons in the field, given d6 hours (modified by complexity) to search for materials and craft them. Gains Healer/Poison kit with 5 potions, salves, ointments, and/or poisons. May use healing skills to heal wounds past the Golden Hour. [Utility]

Fleet-Footed: (Agility d6) Character is light on their feet. + 2 to Pace, d10 running die [General]

Florentine: (Agility d8, Fighting d8) Character is adept at using two blades in both attack and defense. + 1 Fighting against unshielded single-weaponed opponents when wielding 2 blades and ignore 1 point of gang up bonus in defense [Combat]

Freak Occurrence Magnet: Character seems to attract random weirdness wherever they go. GM doubles the amount of random weird rolls while this character is in the party. [General]

Hard to Kill: (Spirit d8) Character is adept at defying death. Ignore wound penalties for vigor rolls made on the Injury Table [General]

Healer: (Spirit d8, Healing d6) Character is a respected doctor/fisa. Gains medical kit, + 2 to all Healing rolls performed on self or others, + 2 to companions’ natural healing rolls while traveling with the party [Utility]

Gadgeteer: (Smarts d8, Mechanics d8, Engineering d6, New Tech d6, Old Tech d6) Character is a genius at improvising complex useful devices. May attempt to “jury-rig” a needed device once per game session using a Mechanics roll. Success creates the device, additional raises increase the device’s effectiveness and “awesomeness” factor [Utility]

Gladiator: (Fighting d8 or Shooting d8 or Throwing d8) Character has perfected their combat style against mutated creatures. + 2 to Damage and Toughness against mutated creatures [Combat]

Improvisational Fighter: (Fighting d8) Character is quick thinking in combat and can use their surroundings to their advantage. Can use objects in combat that aren’t meant to be weapons without penalties. [Combat]

Investigative Researcher: (Smarts d8, Research d8, Post-War Info d8) Character needs answers and knows just where to get them. + 2 to Research and Post-War Info [Utility]

Jack of All Trades: (Smarts d10) Character is decent at a lot of things. No penalty for unskilled Smarts-based tests [Utility]

Jus Drein Jus Daun: (Trikru Race) Character’s use of the Trigedasleng call for blood drives fear into the hearts of their enemies. Can use Intimidation on all targets within earshot [Social]

Linguist: (Smarts d6, Earth Skills: Language d6) Character begins play with a number of known languages equal to their Smarts. – 2 to Language rolls to learn enough of a language to be understood in it after hearing it for a week [Social]

Liquid Courage: (Vigor d8) Character needs a little help from a bottle. Gain a Vigor die type (increasing Toughness) and ignore a wound after imbibing at least 8oz of hard alcohol for 1 hour, but lose a die type in Smarts for the same duration, if the character continues to drink, they suffer – 2 to Smarts and Agility-based skills for as long as they continue drinking and an additional 1d6 hours thereafter [General]

Luck: Character is luckier than most. Gains +1 Benny per session [General]

Luck, Great: (Luck) Character is one helluva lucky SOB. Gains + 2 Bennies per session [General]

Martial Artist: (Fighting d6) Character is skilled in unarmed combat. No unarmed penalties, + d4 to unarmed damage rolls [Combat]

McGyver: (Smarts d6, Mechanics d6, Notice d8) Character is adept at jury-rigging useful small devices to get them out of a pinch. Rarely suffers penalties for not having “tools” for a skill, May improvise temporary gadgets using a Notice roll to “find” materials in their surroundings, and a mechanics roll to create the gadget. Success creates the gadget, raises increase the efficiency and awesomeness of the gadgets. [Utility]

Mr. Fix It: (Smarts d10, Mechanics d8, New Tech d6, Old Tech d6) Character is skilled in repairing almost any equipment. + 2 to Mechanics, Repair time halved by raises [Utility]

Natural Leader: (Spirit d8, Command) Character forms a strong bond with their troops. May give Bennies to troops under their command. [Leadership]

Nerves of Steel: (Vigor d8) Character has learned to fight on through pain. Ignore 1 point of wound penalties [General]

Nerves of Steel, Improved: (Nerves of Steel) Character can fight through even the most blinding pain. Ignore 2 points of wound penalties [General]

Quick: (Agility d8) Character is faster to act than the average person. Discards initiative cards of 5 or less for a new card [Combat]

Quick Draw: (Agility d8) Character is quick to grab their weapon. May draw weapon as a free action [Combat]

Radiation Sense: (Survival d 6) Character is adept at recognizing the signs of irradiated areas from their “glow,” lack of life, or abnormal vegetation. Knows an area is radioactive before entering, Can make a Survival roll to determine the level of radiation and how long the party may stay in the area before suffering ill effects [Utility]

Scavenger: (Luck) Character seems to always know where to look for the things they need. Can “find” an essential piece of equipment once per session [Utility]

Scholar: (d8 in Affected Skills) Character has intensely studied certain subjects. + 2 to two d8 Earth Skills, May be taken once per rank [Utility]

Scrapper: (Notice d8) Character can spot treasures others often overlook by knowing which salvage is most valuable. + 2 to Notice specific items trying to be located, Gain 1 additional build for Community

Spine of Steel: (Spirit d8) Character has seen some stuff that would send most souls running, but managed to master their fear. + 2 to Guts and becoming Unshaken [General]

Steady Hands: (Agility d8) Character has steady hands, even when in rocky situations. + 1 to Healing, Actions while Running reduced to – 1, Ignore unsteady platform penalties [General]

Strong-Willed: (Intimidation d6) Character has a very imposing will. + 2 to Intimidation and to resist Tests of Will [Social]

Sweep: (Strength d8, Fighting d8) Character is skilled at melee fighting against outnumbering opponents. Can attack all adjacent foes at – 2 [Combat]

Take the Hit: (Vigor d8) Character knows how to roll with the punches. + 2 to all Soak rolls [Combat]

Thief: (Agility d8, Athletics d6, Stealth d8, Locks d6) Character has perfected the art of burgling. + 2 to Athletics, Stealth, Locks, and disarming traps [Utility]

Trademark Weapon: (Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing d10) Character is known for their weapon, as well as how well they use it. + 1 to Fighting, Throwing, or Shooting with particular weapon [Combat]

Troglodyte: (Maunon, Smarts d8) Character has spent most of their life underground and is most at home there. + 2 to Notice and Survival rolls while underground [Utility]

Two-Fisted: (Agility d8) Character is skilled at wielding two weapons at once. May attack with a weapon in each hand without multi-action penalty [Combat]

Ultra-Immune System: (Vigor d8) Character is uncannily healthy and hardy. + 2 to Vigor tests to resist poison and disease [General]

Woodsman: (Trikru, Spirit d8, Survival d8, Tracking d8) Character has spent most of their life in the forest and is most at home among the trees. + 2 to Tracking, Survival, and Stealth in wooded areas

Seasoned Edges

Blade Master: (Blade Fighter) Character is a master with a blade in their hands. + 2 to Fighting when wielding a bladed weapon [Combat]

Bruiser: (Brawler) Character’s fists punch like a sledgehammer. Bonus die for raises increased to d8 [Combat]

Chink in the Armor, Improved: (Chink in the Armor) Character knows where all the weakness are in armor. Ignore 1 additional point of armor per attack raise [Combat]

Combat Reflexes: Character’s combat training helps them shake off attacks. + 2 to becoming Unshaken [Combat]

Counter-Attack: (Fighting d8) Character can quickly counter an attack. Can strike a foe who failed a melee attack against them at a – 2 as a free attack [Combat]

Dead Shot: (Shooting or Throwing d10) Character knows just where to aim for maximum carnage. Doubles damage on a ranged hits when dealt a Joker or Ace [Combat]

Dodge: (Agility d8) Character is good at ducking projectiles. – 1 to being hit by ranged attacks [Combat]

Frenzy: (Fighting d10) Character excels at combo attacks. Can make a second melee attack at – 2 penalty [Combat]

Hold the Line: (Spirit d8, Command) Character inspires their troops resilience in battle. + 1 Toughness to all commanded troops in their hearing [Leadership]

Horrifying Kill: (Spirit d8) Character may spend a round attacking a downed creature and causing a horrific scene. This usually entails dismemberment, disembowelment, beheading, etc. At the end of their action, all human opponents within line of sight to the scene must successfully make a Guts roll or become shaken. This ability does not work on those immune to fear. [Combat]

Inspire: (Command) Character knows the right words to say to lift the spirits of their troops. + 1 to Spirit-based rolls of all commanded troops [Leadership]

Level-Headed: (Smarts d8) Character knows how to better time their attacks. May draw 2 initiative cards and keep the higher of the 2 [Combat]

Level-Headed, Improved: (Level-Headed) Character knows best how to time their attacks. May draw 3 initiative cards and keep the highest of the 3 [Combat]

Marksman: Character knows how to take measured shots. + 2 to Shooting and Throwing if they don’t move, May not be used with ROF greater than 1 better time their attacks. [Combat]

Mighty Blow: (Fighting d10) Character knows just where to aim their blows for maximum carnage. Doubles melee damage on hits when dealt a Joker or Ace [Combat]

No Mercy: Character does not aim to take any prisoners. May spend Bennies on damage rolls [Combat]
Rock & Roll: Character knows how to keep on target regardless of recoil. Ignore full-auto penalties if unmoving [Combat]

Tactician: (Command, Smarts d8, Earth Skills: Battle d6) Character has a natural grasp of battle tactics for both large and small units. May make an Earth Skills: Battle roll before combat begins. Each success and additional raise provides 1 additional action card. These cards are kept separate from regular initiative cards and may be used in any round of combat by any character the Tactician gives them to in place of their own card for that round. [Leadership]

Veteran Edges

Big Game Hunter: Character is skilled at felling the larger foes. + 1d6 damage to creatures + 1 Size and up [Combat]

Counter-Assault: (Counter-Attack) Character is even quicker in retaliation. Can strike a foe who failed a melee attack against them at no penalty as a free attack [Combat]

Dodge, Improved: (Dodge) Character is excellent at ducking projectile attacks. – 2 to being hit with ranged attacks [Combat]

Fervor: (Spirit d8, Command) Character’s presence spurs their troops to victory. + 1 Damage dealt by troops under command while present [Leadership]

Frenzy, Whirlwind: (Frenzy) Character is a master of combo attacks. Can make a second melee attack at no penalty [Combat]

Harder to Kill: (Hard to Kill) Character is Rasputinesque in their defiance of death. 50% chance to survive “death” [General]

Leader of Men: (Command) Character is an exceptional leader. Wild die increased to d10 for subordinate groups [Leadership]

Martial Artist, Expert: (Martial Artist) Character is highly skilled in unarmed combat. No unarmed penalties, + d6 to unarmed damage rolls [Combat]

Sweep, Improved: (Sweep) Character is a master of melee fighting large groups. Can attack all adjacent foes without penalty [Combat]

Trademark Weapon, Legendary: (Trademark Weapon) Character’s skill with their weapon has grown into legend. + 2 to Fighting, Throwing, or Shooting with particular weapon [Combat]

Heroic Edges

First Assault: (First Strike) Character is even quicker to strike melee attackers. May free attack all foes who move adjacent [Combat]

Killer Instinct: Character instinctively knows how to press their attacks when locked in a battle—whether it is a battle of weapons or words. Can re-roll a 1 on opposed rolls once without spending a Benny, Automatically wins opposed ties [General]

Legendary Edges

Expert: (Professional Trait) Character is better than the best at what they do. Trait becomes a d12 + 2, Immune to critical failures in trait [General]

Followers: Character is surrounded by loyal minions. Can gain up to 5 minions [Leadership]

Martial Artist, Master: (Expert Martial Artist) Character is a master of unarmed combat. No unarmed penalties, + d6 + 2 to unarmed damage rolls, may take more than once [Combat]

Master: (Expert Trait) Character is unmatched in the world at what they do. Trait becomes a d12 + 3, Immune to critical failures, Wild die in trait increased to d10 [General]

Master of Arms: (Weapon Master) Character is a master of melee combat. + 2 Parry [Combat]

Professional: (d12 in Trait) Character is the best at what they do. Trait becomes a d12 + 1 [General]

Sidekick: Character gains a faithful companion that is a formidable opponent all on their own. Gains a Novice Wild Card minion [Leadership]

Spine of Steel, Master: (Spine of Steel) Character has seen it all and lived to tell about it. Character is UnShake-able. [General]

Tough as Nails: Character is a veteran of countless battles. + 1 to Toughness [Combat]

Tough as Nails, Improved: (Tough as Nails) Character is a legend on the battlefield. + 2 Toughness [Combat]

Weapon Master: (Fighting d12) Character is an expert of melee combat. + 1 Parry [Combat]


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