Major Hindrances:

Anemic: Character’s constitution is low, leading to difficulties healing. Negative 2 to all healing rolls (in addition to any wounds or fatigue)

Arrogant: Character must prove their superiority. In fights, will always aim for the “boss” and will kill minions only after dominating their leader, or if they get in the way.

Bad Luck: Character is less lucky than most. Negative 1 Benny per session, cannot take Luck Edge

Bad Eyes: Character needs glasses and does not have any access to get some. Negative 2 to all sight-based traits for things more than 5” away

Blind: Character is completely without sight. Negative 6 to all physical tasks that require vision, negative 2 to most social tasks, gains a free Edge to help compensate for this hindrance

Bloodthirsty: Character never takes prisoners unless directed by a superior. Negative 4 to Charisma if cruel habits are known

Clueless: Character isn’t as aware of the world around them as much as most people. Negative 2 to Common Knowledge rolls

Code of Honor: Character operates within societal norms of good behavior for their culture. They generally keep their word, won’t abuse or kill prisoners, and tries to act in an “honorable” fashion.

Coward: Character is squeamish at the sight of blood and terrified of being hurt. Negative 2 to fear rolls, negative 2 to opposing Intimidation tests

Delusional: Character believes something that is untrue and that would be considered strange or odd to everyone else. The character is unable to recognize this on any level and frequently shares their odd thoughts with anyone around them. This can occasionally get themselves and others into dangerous situations.

Elderly: Character is getting up there in age. They are generally more feeble than most, but the wiser for their years of experience. Negative 1 Pace, negative 1d Strength, negative 1d Vigor, +5 points in Smarts- based skills to compensate

Enemy: Character has crossed the wrong folks. A major NPC is looking for them and aims to exact payback for their trespasses whenever they are found.

Hard of Hearing: Character is completely deaf. Automatic failure of hearing based rolls

Habit: Character has a dependency on something that they need to function normally. If the character does not get their “fix” every 24 hours, the character suffers a level of fatigue. Depending on the habit, withdrawals could become fatal under certain circumstances. Habit may be “cured” by spending a level and taking the appropriate in game actions (i.e., detox).

Heroic: Character is a “Good Samaritan” out to protect the weak, save the distressed, and generally aiding those in need for little or no compensation. They may be a kindly paragon of goodness or a begrudging renegade compelled to help for reasons even they don’t quite understand. Either way, these heroes will always put others before themselves, even if it kills them.

Illiterate: Character cannot read or write more than a few sight words or phrases. They cannot progress reading-based skills past d4, unless they spend a level to “learn” to read and taking the appropriate in-game actions (i.e., getting another character to teach them).

Lame: Character has a past injury that impairs their mobility. Negative 2 to Pace, running die is d4

Loyal: Character may or may not let the rest of the world burn, but has a person or persons that they are bonded to and would do ANYTHING for, including kill or die for them. Betrayal of their bonds of loyalty will pay dearly.

Light Sensitivity: Character’s eyes are used to dim lighting conditions and are sensitive to normal light. Negative 1 to tests made in normal lights, negative 2 to tests made in bright lights, no penalty for tests in dim light

One Arm: Character has lost an arm. Negative 4 to two-handed tasks

One Eye: Character has lost an eye. Negative 2 to traits requiring depth perception, negative 1 to Charisma if socket is left uncovered

One Leg: Character has lost a leg. If they have a prosthetic, their hindrance is reduced to Lame. Without Prosthetic: negative 2 Pace, negative 2 to mobility-requiring traits, can never run

Outsider: Character is obviously different from the general populous and is shunned in their society. Whether from fear, hatred, or a sense of superiority, the masses of the character’s culture treat them like a pariah. They will have extreme difficulty getting any aid or information from the common folk. Negative 1 Charisma in general, negative 3 Charisma in the character’s society

Overconfident: Character has a very high opinion of their own abilities…perhaps too high. They believe they can accomplish anything they might have even the slightest ability in doing, can defeat enemies even if they are disadvantaged, and will never want to give up on a task, surrender, or retreat.

Pacifist: Character loathes violence. They will not fight other humans except in self-defense, and even then, they will use nonnegative lethal means to subdue enemies.

Parasitic Infestation: Character is host to parasites. They must consume double the amount of food and water each day or suffer fatigue. They are generally ashen, bloated, or otherwise sickly looking. They can be “cured” of this ailment by expending a level and performing the appropriate in-game actions (i.e., getting treatment from a doctor). Negative 2 to Charisma that may not be added to Intimidation rolls

Phobia: Character is irrationally terrified of something. Negative 4 to all traits while in the presence of their phobia trigger

Radiation Poisoning: Body is covered in radiation burns and sores that don’t seem to heal. May spend a level to be “cured” by taking the necessary in-game actions (i.e., radiation treatment from specialist) negative 2 to Charisma, negative 1 to all tests if wearing armor

Selfish: Character is borderline sociopathic. They care only for themselves and will only join a group to further their own survival and/or interests. They will never help their fellow man unless it directly advances their own goals.

Vengeful: Laws be damned, character will stop at nothing to get their revenge.

Vow: Character has given their solemn oath to someone or some cause. Depending on the vow taken, the character may always be obligated to perform certain duties or only occasionally perform them. Either way, when their vow is invoked, they must fulfill their obligations, whether they want to or not.

Wanted: Character has broken (or is believed to have broken) a major law of their society and is being actively sought for a major crime. If caught, they may have to pay the ultimate price for their crime.

Young: Character is under the age of 15 and considered a minor. Negative 2 starting Ability points, negative 5 starting skill points, +1 Benny per session (can stack with Luck Edges

Minor Hindrances:

All Thumbs: Character isn’t adept at using modern devices. Negative 2 to Mechanics, 1d6 extra hours to fix items, roll of 1 on trait die results in a broken device

Bad Eyes: Character needs glasses and has some. No penalty if wearing glasses. Negative 2 to sight- based traits for things more than 5” away if not wearing glasses, or if glasses are lost or broken (50% chance when wounded)

Big Mouth: Character is incapable of keeping secrets, especially in the presence of those who should not know them. Usually picks the worst time to reveal things.

Cautious: Character never makes rash decisions. They plot things out in detail long before action is taken.

Death Wish: Character seeks to fulfill a goal at any cost and is willing to pay the ultimate price to achieve it.

Delusional: Character believes something that is untrue and that would be considered strange or odd to everyone else. The character knows this on some level and generally keeps their odd thoughts to themselves.

Enemy: Character has made an enemy or group of enemies of someone or some people along the way, and their enemies are holding a grudge.

Habit: Character has an annoying habit that, while not specifically dangerous, is irritating to those around them. Negative 1 Charisma, possible ire of fellow players

Hard of Hearing: Character has some hearing loss. If the character uses a hearing aid, no penalty. Negative 2 to notice rolls made for hearing if not using hearing aid

Heat/Cold Susceptibility: Character has trouble regulating their body temperature in extreme weather. Negative 2 to Vigor tests in extreme weather

Lethargy: Character is very slow to get involved in the action. Must draw 2 initiative cards and take the lower of the 2

Loyal: Character may or may not care about humanity in general, but has a person or a few people in their life for whom they would do anything almost within their own moral code.

Mean: Character is truly a pain to be around. These characters will never be gracious, will always seek compensation for their aid, and will oppose the idea of doing anything “nice.”

Obese: Character is downright fat, and will find it difficult to fight in confined spaces or impossible to fit in tight spaces. +1 Toughness, negative 1 to Pace, Running die is d4

Pacifist: Character does not like violence. They will avoid combat unless forced into a fight (i.e., are attacked) and will not allow the knowing harm of prisoners or defenseless victims in their charge.

Quirk: Character has a humorous foible or little habit that is mostly harmless, but that could get them into trouble on occasion.

Selfish: Character is out for themselves. They know that survival favors those with the most resources, and will always want a little more than an equal share of the party’s spoils…whether they actually get it or not.

Stubborn: Character always wants their way and will never admit to being wrong…even if it is painfully obvious.

Ugly: Character has been beaten with an ugly stick. They will have a hard time getting anyone to be amorous with them…unless they pay for it. Negative 2 to Charisma

Vengeful: Character will use any lawful means in accordance with their culture to right a wrong done to them.

Wanted: Character has broken (or is believed to have broken) a minor law of their society and is being passively sought for a minor crime.

Weak Immune System: Character has a weak immune system. Negative 2 to Vigor tests to resist poison and disease


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