Timeline up to the War

All Earth history up to 2015 is exactly the same as it is.

2017: Manned space missions resumed by the US via privatized space-travel agencies.

2019: Prototype omniband wearable holo-computer successfully tested by Tesla, INC.

2020: Artificial gravity breakthrough! Work on new space ships utilizing the breakthrough technology begins.

2022: Stem-cell research produces a breakthrough in gene therapies. Disease and cancer treatments improved substantially.

2025-26: Successful launch, 52 week orbit, re-entry, and landing of a spaceship equipped with the new artificial gravity technology and a prototype of self-sustaining life support systems is completed.

2026: A new program to create permanent international orbiting colonized stations commences.

2027: US, Russia, China, UK, EU, South Korea, and India enter into a joint space treaty to expand the International Space Station program by constructing a new station dubbed “The Ring” utilizing the new technologies.

2028: Omnibands enter the mainstream market through the Apple IBand and the Samsung Armer [sic]. Several smaller corporations release their own versions of the devices that can be worn like a wrist cuff. Most are marketed as entertainment and communications devices, but the cuffs can also house a fully-functioning holographically-interfaced, high-powered computer. The higher-powered versions are prohibitively expensive to make, however, and are reserved for governmental distribution.

2030: Orbital construction of the multi-national Rotating International Navigating Gravitron Station, or RING Station, begins. RING Station is designed to be an orbital “recharge” station for the new space stations that are set to begin construction the following year. Projections have the station finishing construction in 2053, and being fully operational by 2054.

2031: Orbital construction begins on new space stations that can also navigate once in space and which incorporate the new artificial gravity and self-sustaining life support systems. Projections have all 21 of the stations being completed by 2060.

2032: A terrorist attack on a supposedly secret nuclear missile base in Siberia results in 3 nuclear warheads being launched before the base was destroyed. The terrorists were able to hack into the launch system to bypass the fail-safes of unauthorized launches occurring, triggering a launch response code programed to initiate a launch if Russia was attacked by nuclear weapons. A major disaster of epic proportions was narrowly avoided by the missiles being actively taken down before they could reach the stratosphere by the country’s anti-nuke SHIELD system. Fallout in eastern Siberia was considerable, but the largely uninhabited region saw little impact otherwise.

2033: UN Security Council approves plans for a new multi-nation fail-safe program that could stop the chance of nuclear launches by the hacked override method the terrorists used to avert any other incidents like the one in Siberia the previous year.

2035: Viral nullification through new genetic modifications found to be viable possibility. Debate over ethics of genetic modifications intensifies.

2038: In a rare joint alliance, China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, India, Pakistan, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea, and Australia all agree to work together on the program.

2039: Construction, engineering, and programing of the new fail-safe system, the Allied Launch Initiative Elimination program or ALIE, begins. Project completion expected within a decade.

2046: Dubbed Alpha Station, the construction of the first and largest of the new space stations is completed by the United States. Designed to fit into the center of RING Station once RING Stations was completed, Alpha Station is said to have the most advanced technology ever seen. It is equipped with a military-style barracks in addition to its civilian housing wards as well as a large medical facility in order to monitor and provide services for those occupying both the station itself and the RING facility. It is projected to be able to house and sustain up to 500 people in orbit for 400 years or more. All other stations are designed to function the same way, but at half of Alpha station’s size and are able to house 250 people each.

2047: China and Russia each complete construction of their stations. Alpha Station begins colonization.

2048: The US completes two additional stations. The UK and Korea complete their stations. Additional stations begin colonization. The ALIE program is completed.

2049: The EU completes two stations. Russia completes a second station. India completes its station. Alpha Station finishes its initial colonization process, housing 387 personnel. The US and Russia begin graduated transfers of nuclear fail-safes into ALIE.

2050: New gene-therapies begin to overlap with cancer treatments when it is discovered that receiving blood transfusions from a donor with certain genetic markers reduces symptoms of radiation and chemical therapies in cancer patients. Washington is lobbied for increased funding for gene-modification research, but the research is also opposed by a vocal minority of those who still view it as unethical and immoral. Additional nations begin to implement the ALIE protocol.

2051: The US completes a fourth station. The EU finishes its third. Colonization on the completed stations continues. As RING Station is nearing completion, Alpha Station successfully docks into its center to complete the final phase of construction.

October 14, 2052: Confusing distress signals are broadcast to the orbiting stations moments before all ground communications are severed completely. Evidence of massive explosions could be seen from the stations’ orbits.
Explosions continue to occur over the course of several days.

November 3, 2052: The stations manage to temporarily tap into the satellite feeds to gain eyes on the ground. In places where the “cloud” coverage had somewhat dissipated, they can see the still smoldering ruins of major cities. Within hours of gaining the feeds, their connection is lost. The are unable to regain use of the satellites thereafter.

December 19, 2052: A small drop ship is launched with a crew of 13, one member from each station, to investigate the situation on the ground and report. The personnel report never came, but their equipment managed to transmit some readings back before it, too, fell silent. Massive radiation levels—levels projected too high to sustain human life—indicated that a world-wide nuclear apocalypse had taken place…large enough that a third of the population of Earth was likely killed in the explosions and immediate fallout zones, and that the aftermath of this holocaust would see all human life on Earth eradicated within a few years.

Timeline up to the War

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